Camp Start Up

In a few weeks, I am leaving for a camping trip that I help coordinate each year. It’s the culmination of a year of planning that starts back the previous August and comes to a fruition around the 1st of Aug each year…

….and while the planning can get overwhelming and the coordination of all the moving parts can be confusing, when we finally get into camp and a few days go by, I actually get to relax and let things roll. I do a lot of delegation and so by the time camp actually is underway, my responsibilities are light….

2016-07-16_234126363_02767_iOS…but I can’t look to that moment yet. It happens, but not for another few weeks. There are also several items at home and work that keep me busy – so adding camp into the mix is a bit of a circus.

  • Right now, I set up the gear, make sure it’s dry and watertight.
  • …but I need to make sure the stoves work correctly
  • ….and pack up the tools and make sure they are ready to be loaded
  • …and need to check our tarp bins – make sure they haven’t gone moldy over the course of the year
  • ….and have to check the fuel supply and buy any additional (which means hunting down the best deal)
  • …and have to check the camp lantern.
  • I need to grab the camp sign
  • …and sort out the rope bag and materials for shelter building
  • …and set up and re-pack tents.
  • I need to coordinate the acquisition of a trailer and make sure it’ll make the 20+ hours of road time it’ll see on this trip.
  • I need to tune my truck and change the oil – make sure it’s ready to roll
  • …and I need to clean the interior/exterior of my truck so my passengers don’t think I actually live like a bum.
  • I should check the spare tire pressure too.
  • Then I need to pack my own gear – then unpack and repack, eliminating items I truly won’t use….
  • …and pack camera gear, charging batteries and protecting my lenses.
  • Then I should pack video gear (GoPro)
    • Plan shots
    • Charge Batteries
    • Pack Mounts
    • Set Mounts in Truck

You get the point. The next few weeks are going to be busy, but the experience we share together on this trip will be worth all the craziness.

Here we go!


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