Camp Start Up

In a few weeks, I am leaving for a camping trip that I help coordinate each year. It’s the culmination of a year of planning that starts back the previous August and comes to a fruition around the 1st of Aug each year…

….and while the planning can get overwhelming and the coordination of all the moving parts can be confusing, when we finally get into camp and a few days go by, I actually get to relax and let things roll. I do a lot of delegation and so by the time camp actually is underway, my responsibilities are light….

2016-07-16_234126363_02767_iOS…but I can’t look to that moment yet. It happens, but not for another few weeks. There are also several items at home and work that keep me busy – so adding camp into the mix is a bit of a circus.

  • Right now, I set up the gear, make sure it’s dry and watertight.
  • …but I need to make sure the stoves work correctly
  • ….and pack up the tools and make sure they are ready to be loaded
  • …and need to check our tarp bins – make sure they haven’t gone moldy over the course of the year
  • ….and have to check the fuel supply and buy any additional (which means hunting down the best deal)
  • …and have to check the camp lantern.
  • I need to grab the camp sign
  • …and sort out the rope bag and materials for shelter building
  • …and set up and re-pack tents.
  • I need to coordinate the acquisition of a trailer and make sure it’ll make the 20+ hours of road time it’ll see on this trip.
  • I need to tune my truck and change the oil – make sure it’s ready to roll
  • …and I need to clean the interior/exterior of my truck so my passengers don’t think I actually live like a bum.
  • I should check the spare tire pressure too.
  • Then I need to pack my own gear – then unpack and repack, eliminating items I truly won’t use….
  • …and pack camera gear, charging batteries and protecting my lenses.
  • Then I should pack video gear (GoPro)
    • Plan shots
    • Charge Batteries
    • Pack Mounts
    • Set Mounts in Truck

You get the point. The next few weeks are going to be busy, but the experience we share together on this trip will be worth all the craziness.

Here we go!


VLOG 2 – Camping Gear

Next VLOG post. Today I recommend a bag for camping – the Scully 100L.

Check it out!

A Weekend Away – A Weight-loss Struggle

This past weekend I spent some time with some friends up in Northern Michigan. I had recently purchased a new firearm and needed some time to get the sights in and send some lead downrange. The property we went to is perfect for setting up targets and shooting.

2016-04-17_013113000_C54E3_iOSI also spent time testing out my hammock and sleeping bag for a trip I am going to take to Northern Ontario (Canada) in May. I wanted to see if the sleeping bag would keep up with the low 30 degree temps or if the hammock would end up being too cold – since it’s suspended from the ground and the air flows underneath. If it didn’t, there was a nice cabin with a fireplace I could quickly move to – but it ended up being a nice weekend and only really got cold near the end of the night (around 4am). Other than that, it was a great chance to try things out. I think I’m good to go!

The real challenge, though – was food. The boys I travelled with were not too concerned about their calorie intake and that posed a problem for me. I was trying to pay attention as best I could. I took some food and a few snacks to avoid the inevitable hunger, but I knew full-well that temptation was going to knock on the door.

The misconception about calorie-counting is that you need to watch and know what the intake is all the time – but in the same stride – not obsess. The first time I lost weight, I obsessed about the calories and the weight scale – and ultimately, I couldn’t maintain that sort of lifestyle. You end up losing motivation and you crash and burn, hard.

Simply put: don’t obsess – and don’t lose heart if you are over your calorie allotment. On Sat and Sun, I was over on my calorie count. I chose foods that would have been “lower” in calories, but without my daily bike ride and not knowing entirely how the food was prepared – I was over. My step counter was up – but that wasn’t enough to compensate.

What did I do about it? Well, this morning I got back on my bike and I rode my little legs off. The number one thing to remember is: GET BACK ON THE HORSE. Log your calories again, get back in line and start the week strong – don’t let a few days of overages get you discouraged and don’t let those few days turn into several days. Your goal is always long-term. Never play a short-game when trying to live healthier and get fit. You’ll struggle the whole time. Look to the future – look to where you want to be a year from now. The choices you make today (like getting back to your workouts or logging those calories) can change your life forever – but you have to chip away at it today. Every day you are taking a little more off the bottom line and taking one step closer to your goal.

I didn’t get on the weight scale today. I know what she’ll say – but instead, I pushed hard on the bike and logged my breakfast. I feel good – and it’s a new week to achieve my goals. Get back on the horse and push hard. Keep the long-term goal in your sights.

This’ll be SO worth it. I promise.