Computer Build — Part #6 — Processor

The processor is another topic where if you have the money, you can pay for whatever you want. Do you want AMD or Intel? Which does your motherboard support? Do you want i5 or i7? What do you want to do with it, gaming or business/home? Are you planning to Overclock? How important is peak processing power?

These questions need to be asked because essentially, you are choosing the brain power of your computer. The short of it is – if you are into gaming, you are looking at nothing less than an i7 processor. If you are into business/home applications, you might consider an i5. i3’s are strictly for computer purchases made by people who don’t know any better (think Best Buy shopper). Don’t buy an i3 – you can do better and will want better in the very soon future.

This is another topic where you need to consult the experts on YouTube, in particular, Linus’ discussion on the differences between models. He can clear up a lot of confusion and answer some of your basic questions.

In the end, I decided upon the i7-4790K Intel Chip. I spent about 330$ on it from Amazon and consider it one of two wisest choices I made with this machine. It can overclock up to 4.4 GHz and will handle everything I can throw at it – for the time being.

This part of the computer, however, is constantly evolving and new technology is coming out all the time, every new year. This chip will soon be obsolete and I will have to invest in something else one day – but today, in 2016, it does a great job. I am happy to recommend this product, should it fit your motherboard and computer specs (and budget).

Next week: RAM