Computer Build — Part #7 — RAM

1902733With my computer build, I wanted to be able to expand the RAM option should I ever think that I needed to up my “game.” I decided to start out with one 8 GB stick of Corsair’s Vengeance 1600 Mhz RAM and to get the computer built and running, it did the job. Soon after that, and for only another $40, I ordered a second stick and get that installed too. The current build is now at 16 GB, and according to many people online, 16 is kind of the sweet spot for Gaming right now. A lot of people go straight to 32 or more, but that is more about bragging rights than it is about actual functionality. Besides, with onboard RAM on graphics cards (like my G1 Gaming with 4 GB dedicated), a lot of the real drawdown from the RAM is now dedicated to other functions – meaning, you get back a lot more useable Motherboard installed RAM when the Graphics Process is taken care of with onboard Graphics RAM.

So currently I have 16, and for $80, I could double it. It’s not the sweetest RAM in the world, and it’s not the fastest either, but for all my applications, it makes the most sense (and cents).

Next week: Internal Fans