Computer Build — Part #3 — The Motherboard

z97-AJumping quickly into this week’s Computer Build topic is my plan — so here we go.

I chose to go with the ASUS Z97-A motherboard for a few reasons. I am well aware that it is not a true Gaming motherboard and that there are many superior motherboards on the market. On top of that, I am also aware that it’s not the prettiest – but when you’re on a budget, you have to consider all sides of the coin. Do you want the prettiest machine? Do you want a cost effective machine or would you like to have something in the middle? All these questions led me to purchasing the ASUS Z97-A.

What I like about the motherboard was that it is versatile enough for the performance I wanted out of this desktop. I was looking at an i7 processor (Intel) and at least 16 GB of RAM with a nice sized graphics card to boot. Included with this – a large power supply and large, multiple hard drive units (now and in the expandable future).

The board offered everything I needed to add these parts quickly. It was a painless install to the case and every item I added to the board seem to fit well.

140429122540This motherboard, at the time of purchase, was around the 100$ price. It was purchased online through and was delivered within the week. I haven’t experienced any problems to date with this unit and set up was easy. There is an onboard system as well that can be accessed upon startup which controls Variable Fan Speeds and a few other performance style options. If you have an overclockable Processor, this is also where you can tweak these items. It’s easy to use and manipulate – but always be careful when you change the system defaults – you risk your system and often, void any warranties from manufacturers. For the record, I have not overclocked my system – although I could with my specs.

Overall I am very satisfied with this Motherboard. It was easy to use, install and holds all my items for my custom build. Yes, it’s not sweet to look at, but the dark finish helps it be inconspicuous in the case. I’d recommend it to someone looking.

Next week: the graphics card.


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