Celebrating Goals

measuring-tape-tToday I finally hit a goal that I have been working towards all year. I wanted to get down into a weight target and this morning, I officially hit that goal.

Problem is: I know how I hit that goal. I’ve been ill for the past week and fighting the flu on top of digestion problems which has resulted in liquid and appetite loss. So when my body recovers and I get back the regularity of my routine, the goal is not to get discouraged when I slip above that goal line again.

The focus needs to be HEALTHY – whether that is within or above my pre-set goals. As a general rule, health is so much more important than meeting some arbitrary goal – especially when we put goals on ourselves that are set within our own hopes and dreams. Our bodies do not know the numerical lbs system – so when you get frustrated that you’re not within these goals — it’s not your body’s fault. Don’t let it discourage you.

It is indeed reason to celebrate — but don’t let them be your driving force. Finding a long-term motivation is so much more important to carry us over our pitfalls and through our triumphs. That way we stay focused and waver less.

Keep looking down the road — it’ll be worth it — I promise.


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