Food for Thought – Serious Weight Loss Problems

Here’s a quick post for today:

I’ve listed an article below that involves a friend of mine that was on The Biggest Loser tv show, during Season 8.  He was a part of a study that showed why these types of shows don’t actually help people become healthy.

Here’s the article: The Biggest Loser — NYTimes

two-celebrities-join-new-season-of-the-biggest-loserIf you’re too lazy to read it, to summarize, it says that although people workout and eat right (and extremely), their bodies tend to not know what to do with the change in routine and end up requiring fewer calories to maintain their body weight. Then, once the diet and exercise craziness is over, the body doesn’t change back resulting in faster weight re-gaining and usually, worse conditions than before.

Basically, the body is thinking that a hard burn is coming up – so when we return to eating 2000 calories after an extreme diet of 1200 or less – the body trains itself to never get rid of anything and create fat storage for when that calorie burn comes — but in most cases – it doesn’t.

Many of us have experienced this problem. Perhaps not at this level of extream, but in small variations. Have you lost weight only to regain it back? Don’t misread this article either — it’s not about binge eating and just going crazy with over-calorie meals. It’s about bodies who are actually staying active and making good choices — but they just can’t keep up.

All this points back to my theme on my fitness posts: LONG TERM visions are critical. Extream diets and workouts do not work and are not a long-term fitness solution. Instead, we’re talking about small changes over long periods of time. Not extreme, quick fixes. They just don’t work. People who want to start working out in the Spring to get their bathing suit body back for summer are missing the point and ultimately, setting themselves up for disappointment. Not only that but they are training their metabolism to behave in ways that can hurt them in the long run.

Simply: Focus on setting long-term goals. It’s not the short game that changes your life forever, but the decisions to live today, unlike yesterday. Look far down the road into the future as to what life will be like when you commit to working out, eating smart and taking small fitness steps the whole way. Those sorts of changes are much more manageable and adaptable into your daily life routine.

Keep your stick on the ice, it’ll be worth it — I promise.


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