Picking Yourself Up — Again

Like everyone, I have had my share of stumbling when it comes to my calorie intake and working out routine. Sometimes we get sick, sometimes someone brings donuts into the office and other times, our self-determination is just lacking.

First off – know that it happens to everyone. Everyone has this struggle. Some people it happens too often, and some — rarely — but we all have days (or weeks) where we feel ourselves slipping. Whether it’s feeling motivated, determined or maybe there is a real barrier on the road (physical or mental) – getting out there and making the right choices (which can mean not allowing ourselves to use our time for other things — and sometimes worthwhile things) can be very tough. We all have to figure out how to put one foot in front of the other.

This is a part of the journey you get to explore — and like all exploration, you’re going to make some initial mistakes. Understand that it’s perfectly fine to fall flat on this one — but it’s extremely important not to lose heart. Remember that there is a long-term goal in mind when it comes to healthy living. The goal is never to improve things for the immediate change. This will only discourage you. Instead, focus on how today’s failure is going to make you better tomorrow so that you can achieve the long-term success.

For example, this morning, I wasted time. Flat out — wasted. I dragged my heels and didn’t get out to the shop until after 8:00 am. Normally I try to be on the workout equipment by 7:30 am at the LATEST. So that meant a shorter workout allotment and in turn, fewer calories gained than I normally burn. Once I got on the bike, I felt like the workout was going SUPER slow and eventually, I felt discouraged.

After getting off the bike (only 25 minutes), I asked myself – what about tomorrow is going to be different? How am I going to avoid running into this problem and starting my day off slow and discouraged? The obvious answer is get up earlier and get out there, but the underlying problem really is my attitude about my early morning workouts. Why am I not motivated to get out there as soon as I am able? Do I need a kick in the pants before going out there? Do I need to spend 5 minutes looking at photos of when I was lighter/healthier as motivation to get going?

d40d6e783cc7612cd0f47ec92567c75aWhatever your method, try SOMETHING(s). Don’t get into a rut where you find yourself getting more and more discouraged. Change it up, look at before and after photos of other people — envision what you might look like or feel like when you have been working out for a year and eating right. Find whatever you need to realign your goals and get after it.

I love this quote. I think it speaks truth to what we all hope to achieve tomorrow. Remember that this is a long-term journey. A single tree can not stop the wind, but a forest can make the wind change course. Today is that single day – but when you start stacking those days on top of each other – they add up in big ways.

Good luck out there. If it were easy, everyone would do it – but it’ll be SO worth it, I promise.


One thought on “Picking Yourself Up — Again

  1. Loving this post, although it isn’t the area that I am interested in I can certainly take great satisfaction from the motivational side of it, that is universal. Hope it is going well! If you have any time maybe pop over to my blog and see what you think of my words.



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