Fitness & Sickness

shutterstock_232827916Today, I’m under the weather. It sucks. For the past couple of days I have been feeling it starting but today my throat is sore and swollen. Hurts to swallow and is making my stomach feel upset.

What do we do about working out when we get under the weather? Well…. it’s kind of subjective. Truthfully, I take it very easy. Your body requires two things while you recover. First, it needs food. Your body can not make the immune system work if you are not eating food for nutrients and vitamins. This means that we need to focus on a well-balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables. Don’t just reach for the bottle of multi-vitamins and Tylenol. There is more and more research out there that show Multi-Vitamins only break down and become beneficial when taken during food consumption. Some even argue that supplemental vitamins don’t do anything because they are not naturally occurring in the other foods that you eat. You can choose to believe what you want – but I take multi-vitamins — but only with additional food intake — and never take anything on an empty stomach. You will vomit like there is no tomorrow.

Second, your body needs rest. Your immune system can fight the illness best while you are resting or sleeping. If you are pushing yourself at work or at the gym, this doesn’t aid your recovery speed. I tend to move slower and allow my body time to recover and get back to normal. If you recover faster, you’ll be working out again sooner anyway – so get some rest and let your body’s immune system do what it was designed to do.

So today, I took a rest day from cycling to allow my body to recover. I feel awful, but I know that it will help in the long run. I am also going to be careful with my calorie intake, but not worry too much about it. I will likely be over without exercising, but getting back to normal is more important than the few calories I’ll be over.

Life happens. Don’t get discouraged. Always think LONG TERM! In one year from now, it’s won’t matter that you got sick for a week. Don’t let it break you back into bad habits. The long term goals are definitely worth it. I promise.

Feel better soon.


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