Anger, Motivation and Determination

Here’s something I’ve learned about being driven when it comes to working out and getting healthy. Consider these three truths:

Truth #1: Anger is an amazing motivator. When I first started working out, I used Anger to motivate me – and the pounds came off quickly. I could picture something I was mad about or angry over and it would push me harder and deeper. It was amazing. The problem was — Anger doesn’t last. It’s not a true motivator. Life moves on and we either fix the problems we’re angry about or become conditioned. Once this happens, anger doesn’t work.

Truth #2: Motivation — of the purest kind. Maybe you like to look on Pinterest for motivational phrases – or maybe you know someone who really makes you feel energized to become better. That’s great!….. but it also won’t last. Keeping busy finding new forms of motivation is exhausting and will eventually become a burden on your daily drive. Finding inspiration can be a strong launchpad, but it won’t keep you moving upwards.

Truth #3: Determination. This is the one that can sustain a long-term goal. Anger and motivation can help you get started, but in order for you to maintain, you need to be determined. Determined to not go back to the way you came from. Determined that today, you will take a little off the top and never let it come back. Tomorrow: same story. Finding your means to be determined will help you focus on your long-term goals and keep your head up on the days that just flat out suck. It will move your feet, one ahead of the other, keeping you working towards a goal that your heart and mind might not be totally able to support each day.

determination-2e5f1636b9eebbadf648e692ed278955The first two truths can be used. Don’t misread this post – Anger and Motivation can help and can launch you off the sofa onto your feet – but start looking now for determination. Why are you determined to keep going? Tomorrow doesn’t have to be like yesterday, but what you do today will change that.

This is going to be awesome – I promise.


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