A Weekend Away – A Weight-loss Struggle

This past weekend I spent some time with some friends up in Northern Michigan. I had recently purchased a new firearm and needed some time to get the sights in and send some lead downrange. The property we went to is perfect for setting up targets and shooting.

2016-04-17_013113000_C54E3_iOSI also spent time testing out my hammock and sleeping bag for a trip I am going to take to Northern Ontario (Canada) in May. I wanted to see if the sleeping bag would keep up with the low 30 degree temps or if the hammock would end up being too cold – since it’s suspended from the ground and the air flows underneath. If it didn’t, there was a nice cabin with a fireplace I could quickly move to – but it ended up being a nice weekend and only really got cold near the end of the night (around 4am). Other than that, it was a great chance to try things out. I think I’m good to go!

The real challenge, though – was food. The boys I travelled with were not too concerned about their calorie intake and that posed a problem for me. I was trying to pay attention as best I could. I took some food and a few snacks to avoid the inevitable hunger, but I knew full-well that temptation was going to knock on the door.

The misconception about calorie-counting is that you need to watch and know what the intake is all the time – but in the same stride – not obsess. The first time I lost weight, I obsessed about the calories and the weight scale – and ultimately, I couldn’t maintain that sort of lifestyle. You end up losing motivation and you crash and burn, hard.

Simply put: don’t obsess – and don’t lose heart if you are over your calorie allotment. On Sat and Sun, I was over on my calorie count. I chose foods that would have been “lower” in calories, but without my daily bike ride and not knowing entirely how the food was prepared – I was over. My step counter was up – but that wasn’t enough to compensate.

What did I do about it? Well, this morning I got back on my bike and I rode my little legs off. The number one thing to remember is: GET BACK ON THE HORSE. Log your calories again, get back in line and start the week strong – don’t let a few days of overages get you discouraged and don’t let those few days turn into several days. Your goal is always long-term. Never play a short-game when trying to live healthier and get fit. You’ll struggle the whole time. Look to the future – look to where you want to be a year from now. The choices you make today (like getting back to your workouts or logging those calories) can change your life forever – but you have to chip away at it today. Every day you are taking a little more off the bottom line and taking one step closer to your goal.

I didn’t get on the weight scale today. I know what she’ll say – but instead, I pushed hard on the bike and logged my breakfast. I feel good – and it’s a new week to achieve my goals. Get back on the horse and push hard. Keep the long-term goal in your sights.

This’ll be SO worth it. I promise.


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