An Introduction


Another blog about another random person’s life. So what….?

Let me offer you this. On this page, you will find snippets about a life. A life who has experienced, loved, forfeited and learned much. I don’t claim to be an expert. As you can see from the menu options, there is a broad array of things that I am invested in. I have passions that are across the whole gambit of education and experiences.

My hope is that you find something useful. Maybe something to chew on or perhaps, a post that causes you to completely disagree. The point is not to persuade you to think like me, like the things I like or interpret life like me – but instead, to hear, listen, engage and make up your own decisions. I’m going to cover lots of things on here – so click around, think about it and leave a comment if you’d like.

Alright, let’s get started – there is much to cover.


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